CCM Launches New Website

CCM Launches New Website

The Country Coordinating Mechanism has launched its new website. The website has been designed to cater for the information needs across all projects and information availability to the Global Fund.


The website is also PR friendly and strongly encourages the PRs to submit articles and critical project documents for public access.


Key features are:

1. Featured News & Announcements

2. News extracts from the Global Fund

3. Posting of Events

4. Posting of critical project documents (By CCM & PRs)

5. Public & Private Forum for idea and information exchange

6. Information of PRs and SRs


Kindly send your feedback to the CCM on the new website and your feedbacks are greatly welcome.

You can send a feedback via any of the 2 options


1. By email to or phone 08035882742

2. Via the feed back form here

Relevant Documents

Title Category Files
Monitoring and Evaluation Guidelines and Tool Policies & Guidelines Download
Guidelines for MOUs between PR and SRs MoM Download
1st Minutes of Meeting MoM Download
Assessment of Compatibility of Recipient Policies and Procedures with Global Fund Requirements Policies & Guidelines Download
2nd Minutes of Meeting MoM Download